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US Man Sues Psychic Who ‘Promised to Remove Ex-Girlfriend Curse’

A California man is suing psychic, Sofia Adams, for falsely claiming she could lift a curse put on his marriage by his ex-girlfriend. 

Mauro Restrepo states Sophia Adams promised to exercise a spell that was put on his family and his marriage by a witch hired by his ex-girlfriend. 

During their session, Sophia Adams read his tarot cards and claimed he had “mala suerte” which translates to “bad luck” and unless the curse was removed it would harm Restrepo, his marriage and his children. 
However, Restrepo now says that Adams “did not in any way help” his marriage and he’s been suffering from anxiety, insomnia and anguish. As a result, Restrepo is trying Adams for fraud, civil conspiracy and both intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

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