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United States President Strikes a Deal with Xi Jinping Over Taiwan

By Zafir Kamdar, Staff Reporter, The Paw Print

On October 6 President Biden made a Deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping over the disputed nation of Taiwan. The deal was caused because of rising tensions between China and Taiwan. A Taiwanese defense minister described the situation as the worst it has been in 40 years reported by the BBC.

It was reported that the United States has sent a record number of military jets to Taiwan’s air defense zone in the last four days. Analysts from the BBC say this can be seen as a warning to the Taiwanese president.
Taiwan has its own military, constitution, and democratically elected government leaders and officials. They consider themselves a sovereign state, however, from China’s point of view, Taiwan is a breakaway province. They are considering using possible force to achieve reunification with the island. In the following days to come, it will be interesting to see how this deal will affect the people of Taiwan. 

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