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The UAE Aims to Launch a Probe to The Asteroid Belt Between Mars and Jupiter in 2028

By Aarja Mody, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

The UAE Space Agency will launch a probe to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, with the goal of landing on an asteroid in the early 2030s, in a project that would undoubtedly help the country’s private sector space firms.

​​In the year 2028, the mission will take off. The spacecraft will then go on a long and looping journey, traveling 3.6 billion kilometers in five years while boomeranging around Venus and Earth to build enough velocity to reach the asteroid belt beyond Mars in 2030.

If the mission is successful, the UAE Space Agency will join a small club of space agencies, including NASA, the European Space Agency, and Japan’s JAXA, in landing a vehicle on a planetoid.

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