DAA Daily

The Annual Club Fair Came Back to DAA

By Tina Fares, Jessica Merjaneh, Staff Reporters, The Pawprint

On Tuesday, October 5th, Dubai American Academy hosted its annual high school Club fair. Here all students were allowed to check out different clubs and sign up for them. There are over 70 clubs available this year. 

The clubs are student-led with a teacher sponsorer. They vary from the cooking club to MUN, and even an Anime club where students interested can all come together and talk about their preferences. Not only this but high school students are also given the opportunity to tutor elementary students with the Little Learners club. The clubs offered not only to help students with similar interests come together but can also help with adding CAS hours. 

DAA believes that participation in extra-curricular activities takes equal importance alongside an academic performance at the school. On their website, the school stated that in addition to physical development and the exploration of interests, students learn the thrill of challenge and competition, the importance of concentration, the spirit of teamwork and a sense of accomplishment.

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