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Qatar secures 10 year F1 deal

By: Paul Seefeld, Sports Editor, The Pawprint

Qatar has managed to make a 10 year contract with the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) to host races every year starting from 2023. This will be the Gulf’s third track, having a brand new track in Saudi Arabia, and of course every year’s finale in Abu Dhabi.

This means that the three final races of the 2021 season (and probably the upcoming ones too) will be held in the Middle East. These three combinations will be very exciting but very demanding for the drivers. The timing is no coincidence either, geographically the Formula 1 championships usually follow a path around the world. But adding on to that, the Middle East’s weather would be too warm any other time than December’s final races.

“There was a strong will from Qatar to be helpful to F1, and in the course of this process, the vision for a longer partnership was discussed and agreed for 10 years,” said  the F1 CEO. 


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