DAA Daily

A new hope for all DAA athletes arises!

By: Joseph Salem, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Since the initial outbreak of Covid in December of 2019, school sports were postponed indefinitely. However, This last Thursday, the 30th of September, the DAA varsity girls team faced off against the ASD girls in a ferocious volleyball match that re-established athletes’ hopes for the spirit of competition to return to school. Unfortunately, DAA ended up losing 2-1 to the ASD girls, but they still put up a great fight. 

This upcoming Monday, DAA will be facing off against ASD in the DAA pool. Both schools are very excited to ease back into the normal experience of a competition, but are also being very vigilant about the Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions. Unless a swimmer is actually in the water, masks will have to be worn at all times, and swimmers will be strictly adherent to social distancing guidelines. With the exception of this competition, all weekly competitions leading up to and including the end of the season’s MESAC competition will be held virtually. What this means is that the swimmers’ times will be recorded and submitted to a database, and winners will be decided virtually. 

Swimmers suspect that this upcoming competition will be held as a ‘test run’ to determine whether or not the team is capable of following Covid restrictions. Swimmers also suspect that if the guidelines are followed vigilantly, competitions may return as face-to-face in the future, which the younger swimmers in Junior Varsity are particularly happy about, as they will get to experience the rush of the competitions for the rest of their high school years.

The upcoming competition will be a relatively short one, taking place in only a 2 hour period, as opposed to the average of 7 hours that competitions used to take. The events being swam in this competition will be 200m freestyle, 50m butterfly, 100m breaststroke, 50m freestyle, a medley relay, and a mixed boys and girls 200m freestyle relay! The DAA swimmers are excited to participate in this event! This is hopefully a new beginning to the younger grades in school experiencing the spirit of DAA sports for the first time!

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