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Pender County Could Possibly Host Wilmington Area’s First Victim of Abuse Center

By Tina Fares, Staff reporter, The Pawprint

Detective B. Thompson, County sheriff’s office from the special victims unit in the Wilmington area, North Carolina is working towards bringing justice to victims who are going through traumatic experiences with abuse. 

She has firsthand experience as a victim of domestic violence in the past making her very passionate about bringing this project to life. At one point she said “As a survivor of domestic violence, I have been involved on that side of things as well, so I kind of got both perspectives.”

According to The Daily News, the purpose of the centre is to serve victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, elder abuse or human trafficking within one location. Thompson and supporters said this will cut back on the number of times victims will have to tell their stories to counsellors, legal, and court officials. 

This project is starting to develop with an estimated startup cost of $70,000. The presentation which explained the projects, goals and ideas was presented in early September however the decision has not been fully confirmed.

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