DAA Daily

Spanish Surfer Dude

By: Ramzy Hazir, Staff reporter, The Pawprint 

DAA’s new high school Spanish teacher Jacobo Muniz answers a few questions 

about himself and his life. Here are a few interesting things about him: 

Mr.Muniz is a Spanish teacher who has been teaching for about 10 years. In these 10 

years, he has gone through many weird and funny experiences including when out of 

nowhere his favorite artist Diego el Dethada just walked into his classroom at one of his old 

schools in the Dominican Republic. He has taught in many different places such as Belgium and Abu Dhabi. 

When asked about the difference in schools here in Dubai and Abu Dhabi he said that for the most part, the system is the same however, he has never taught at a school as big as DAA.

Mr. Muniz’s passion for teaching Spanish comes from his love of the Spanish language and its culture. His least favorite part of teaching for him is the idea of grading as he 

does not believe that a grade should identify a student. Mr. Muniz first impressions of 

DAA was that he loved the energy and the sense of community within the school. Mr. 

Muniz seems to love his job as a teacher and apparently so do his students. One loved 

him so much that he had invited Mr. Muniz to speak at his graduation even though 

Muniz had left that school a few years before. Before teaching Mr.Muniz had multiple 

jobs when he was younger including a lifeguard, swim instructor, and a server at a bar. 

Mr.Muniz loves being outside in nature and his favorite hobbies include surfing and 

just water sports in general, and when asked if he could change careers to anything 

else he stated that he would be interested in opening a surf school or he would want to 

help clean up the oceans. His love for nature has brought him to many different places 

around the world and his absolute favorite place that he has visited was Bali, 

Indonesia. He was immediately attracted to nature and landmarks with their volcanoes and their amazing beaches. One last fun fact about Mr.Muniz is that he is a good chef and he enjoys cooking.

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