DAA Daily

Sheriff Beats Real Madrid 2-1! Don’t Underestimate The Small Teams!

Nicolo Danieli, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint DAA.

Last night, the Sheriff did the impossible, and somehow beat the famous team Real Madrid. The Sheriff are a small Moldovan team, which is taking everyone by shock with their performance. Yesterday night they managed to score two goals by Yakshiboev, and Thill. Although winning the statistics of the game show that this was a pretty lucky game for Sheriff. The reason being that Real Madrid had 76% of possession, and got a whooping 31 shots, while Sheriff managed to get only 4. 

The reason for their win is because Real Madrid got very unlucky and got most of their shots, barely above the crossbar of the goal. In addition the Sheriff goalkeeper put up an astonishing performance by blocking very difficult shots that were made by the Real Madrid attack. It was a very unlucky night for the Real Madrid goalkeeper, due to the shots taken by Sheriff were really challenging to get, due to one being an instant header, and the other a top bins. It was a bad night for Real Madrid, but both teams put up a great fight overall. 

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