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By: Jenna Zuraiki, Chief editor and Yasmeen Duwaji, News editor, The Pawprint

Ms. Doyle is a new teacher in DAA and Dubai, she’s originally from Boston. This is her 11th year of teaching and has taught in America (Boston and Atlanta), Colombia for two years, and now she’s in Dubai. Our first impression of Ms. Doyle was when we first met her as our geography teacher. She gave off a very welcoming presence, and treated us not only as students but as her friends. We decided to interview her and ask her about how she feels about moving to DAA. She decided to change careers from advertising to teaching, because after her full time job as an advertiser, she would tutor students, and enjoyed teaching them new things while bonding with them. She is really fond of teaching, saying, “I want to focus on something I enjoy, and that is working with kids and talking about something that I am passionate about”. Ms. Doyle is not only new to DAA but new to Dubai, “I just got here and I think it’s really cool how diverse it is, I think it’s awesome how I can ask my students questions, and I will get different answers from different perspectives and backgrounds”. 

She already feels so welcomed in DAA, in addition to her being new to DAA so is her four year old Daughter, Charlie, saying that the school already feels like home, and the diverse backgrounds helps her teach social studies and she thinks that her students really enjoy learning at school. She also believes that school is more than education, and is a place of gaining new connections. We also asked her one interesting thing about herself, “I can’t get enough of learning about new places, and I recognize how little I know about the world”, and that is why she became a social studies teacher because she believes that a lot of what we think goes hand in hand with our backgrounds and culture.

She goes on to talk about her favourite experience as a teacher which is being on the forefront of watching her students grow and seeing them figure out who they are as people. She loves seeing her students leaving school as new people. Finally Ms.Doyle spoke about what she learned from her students that she will keep with her forever,  “I have learned how similar we are as humans, and a lot of time the media make people seem different when deep down we are all the same, and after teaching for 11 years, I realized that both teachers and students, no matter their  differences and different backgrounds our similarities out number or difference and to always assume the best in people.

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