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Man Who Tried To Assassinate Ronald Reagan Granted Unconditional Release

By Benjamin Turner, News Editor, The Pawprint

A federal judge has approved a plan to unconditionally release John Hinckley Jr. on Monday, who shot and wounded former US President Ronald Reagan, police officer Thomas Delahanty, and Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy in 1981.

The details of the release include that as long as Hinckley undergoes regular mental health examinations and court-ordered restrictions, he will be released later this week according to the Associated Press.

Hinckley was previously granted conditional release in 2016, sheltering at his mothers’ house in Williamsburg, Virginia. Since then, he’s been kept under supervision from the court and mandatory therapy.

Hinckley is not able to own a gun, Contact President Reagan’s children, the other two victims and their families, and actress Jodie Foster who according to ABC news was obsessed with at the time of the shooting.

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