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Lewis Hamilton becomes first driver in history to have 100 wins 

By: Paul Seefeld, Sports editor, The Pawprint

After a fantastic race in the Russian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was able to claim his 100th GP win. Qualifying 4th,  right behind his future teammate George Russel, Lewis gave it his all in the storm. The British driver, Lando Norris, who managed to secure his first pole position for McLaren in 10 years, was badly affected by the weather  once the clouds opened up. With a late tyre change from wets to drys, Hamilton saw an opportunity and took it. The race ended with Lewis in tears of joy but for Norris they were real ones. 

Max Verstappen, Lewis’s biggest competitor, had qualified 7th but managed to work his way back to second place. Unfortunately for him, that means that Hamiliton is now ahead of him by 2 points in this championship. 

The record holder was actually asked how he felt the day before the race about possibly hitting 100 wins, this is what he said; “It will come when it comes, but of course, I’ll be giving it absolutely everything tomorrow, chasing that number 100.” Lewis wanted it and he got it. 

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