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Italy Wins World Pastry Championship

By Alessandro Pellegrino, Staff reporter, The Pawprint

Three Italians: Lorenzo Puca, Massimo Pica, and Andrea Restuccia have won the world pastry championship in Lyon, France.

In the ten hours available, the team created the chocolate dessert, the ice cream cake, the restaurant dessert, and a 165 cm tall sugar sculpture.

Second place for Japan and third for France. It is the third time that Italy has won this recognition. Precision, concentration, and imagination have allowed the tricolor pastry chefs to win the prize in Lyon with works of art dedicated to nature.

And now the gaze shifts to another competition: Italy will also try to win in the challenge for the Bocuse d’Or, the biennial world championship of cooking for chefs that are always held in Lyon and named in honor of the chef Paul Bocuse.

The Italian national team of the Bocuse d’Or Italy Academy Team arrives in Lyon after the European qualifications in Tallinn which were held in October 2020 and with many expectations, the experts in the sector present: Italy has in fact arrived several times among the first ten.

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