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Google to set a new water plan by 2030 as droughts worsen

By: Destiny Mouawad, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint 

As droughts continue to occur Google has aimed to replenish “20% more water than its offices and data centers use by 2030” as they are concerned with the amount of water their tech facilities use.  

In 2019, Google reported to have used around 3.4 billion gallons of water and had not yet tracked their aimed replenishment rates. They have decided to set a “water stewardship target” whereby they plan to be more considerate with their water consumption to ensure it is being used equitably and sustainably and apply water conservation methods in communities where water is scarce. 

Their aims within the target include “​​collecting stormwater for flushing toilets and funding removal of water-hungry invasive plants”, as well as installing a water leak detection system in low income homes in Southern California to cut down on water waste and ensure enough water is moving through the plumbing lines. 

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