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Australia’s Prime Minister undecided on attending crucial climate summit

By: Ryan Oswald, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has signaled that he might not attend the COP26 meeting in November as his government faces continued criticism for its poor climate record.

“It’s another trip overseas… and I’ve spent a lot of time in quarantine.” he tells the West Australian newspaper.

COP26 is going to be the biggest global climate meeting, and it is hoped that all of the world’s leaders would attend to discuss plans on how to combat global warming and to keep the temperature at 1.5C or below.

Morrison has not given a concrete answer, but says he will have larger priorities for his country. He is hoping to open the country’s borders in November as well.

Australia is one of the 200 of the highest emission rates, with its top exports being coal and gas, and are expected to present their updated 2030 emissions cuts at the meeting. 

Morrison wants Australia to achieve zero emissions as soon as possible, but has not presented plans to do so.

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