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The EU Launches the Universal Charger to Stop Electronic Waste

By Alessandro Pellegrino, Staff reporter, The Pawprint

The EU commission is planning to change old charging cables to a single universal cable for all technological devices on the market; the proposed cable will be the USB type C. In addition, the cable will be optional in the sale of any new device purchased.

These are the two main measures contained in a new proposal from the European commission to cut electronic waste.

This proposal is an important step to reduce technological waste. The USB-C  will be the common port of the single charger and will allow you to charge all devices with one cable regardless of their brand. Brussels, also, plans to harmonize fast charging speed on different devices. There will also be an option for consumers to purchase a new electronic device without a new charger.

As for the environmental benefits, the reduction of 1000 tons of electronic waste is estimated thanks to the reduction in the production of battery charges, with consequent reduction in CO2 emissions. This proposal does not yet have the green light. If it will be approved, all producers will have to years to adapt. 

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