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STEM loving child turned into a Teacher

By Aryaman Bhatia Science and Technology editor and Ernest Kalashnikov Staff reporter, Pawprint DAA

“My favorite thing about teaching is learning,” said Jesse Oswald, a Design Technology, Computer Science, and Intro to Engineering teacher. He believes in making every student the best that they can be; he understands how much pressure kids are under and makes an effort to make classes more enjoyable by teaching subjects that are typically enjoyable and inspiring for students. He understands that most students do not want to be here, which is why he will attempt to inspire you to achieve your best, which is his main philosophy as a teacher. He enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures, which led him to Dubai, where he landed one of his dream professions teaching here at DAA. 

More specifically, teaching computer science and other technology-related courses. When he was younger, he was introduced to Computer Science, STEM, and design technology by being offered a STEM course; the course helped him truly connect with the topic and grasp the pros and cons of technology-based courses. If you ever have him as a teacher, don’t ask him the first question that comes to mind, especially if the answer is there in front of you or if he just went over it as he hates those sorts of queries other than those any questions are welcomed. 

Outside of the classroom, he used to like skiing near his boyhood home, as well as being a member of a community and making sure he contributed to it. He also enjoys doing construction work and making improvements to his home. The determination that he has gained from learning construction and code, has helped him teach any student no matter what and he makes sure that each student’s gift comes out. Furthermore, he also loves playing golf and finds it the perfect way to relax and take out any stress that might be built up in the classroom. 

Being a father himself having 3 daughters when asked what his favorite joke is, he had to respond with dad jokes and knock-knock jokes. Speaking of his family, his wife is the beloved Mrs. Oswald the dean of students, his 2 younger daughters are also here in DAA, while his oldest daughter is still in America living her life. Coming back to the classroom Mr. Oswald loves teaching, and he feels that DAA is one of the best places he has ever taught at and he was so impressed by the advanced technologies that are in this school like Pepper the robot, and the Center of Excellence. These are the reasons that he loves his job, being able to experience different cultures in an advanced school that allows students to be who they are.

In conclusion, Mr. Oswald is an incredible teacher that loves students who are curious, adventurous, and are able to step out of their comfort zone and are able to change their perspectives while seeing through the eyes of technology and the future.

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