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Shakespeare in Love

By: Jivisha Aggarwal, Pawzfeed Editor, The Pawprint

Two of our wonderful seniors, Dhanishtha Upadhyay and Carlos Eduardo Rangel Outeda, are part of a production by The Green Room which is a youth theatre group in Dubai in partnership with The Junction, a theatre in Alserkal. They are playing from the 23rd to the 25th of September 2021 with five shows.

This is the Green Rooms’ first full-length production as they have previously only competed in Short and Sweet which requires ten minutes. The director for the play himself is only 15 years of age and the cast is between 12-19 years old. “The play is a romantic comedy of errors” as said by Dhanishtha based on the movie Shakespeare in love though it has been adapted to make it pg13. 

The auditions for the production were back in April, with callbacks a week later. Rehearsals began towards the end of April going on until mid-June then resuming late August. Carlos however auditioned in late May for the role of the understudy of the lead and has now taken on the lead role. 

It can be very stressful keeping up with your senior year and a professional production so I asked them what they do to keep from slipping in either regard and they replied by saying you take it one day at a time and prioritizing immediate tasks. They also advised keeping a consistent sleep schedule so you can give it your everything during the day. 

When questioned about general feelings going into the performance they said they were filled with excitement to finally see the fruits of their labor come to fruition. There are no more second chances, no more redo’s, this is the final showdown. They get to show people what they are capable of but more than anything they get to show themselves. Ticket purchase- https://ae.bookmyshow.com/dubai/plays/shakespeare-in-love/ET00007866

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  1. Impressive Cast!

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