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43 Orcas Died in SeaWorld Due to Captivity

By: Larissa Chalouhi, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Over forty killer whales have died in Seaworld since it opened in 1973, due to bad diet, emotional stress and short relationships with other orcas.

Taking Orcas from their natural habitat and placing them in captivity causes them emotional stress as in the wild each family has their own unique calls and they build lifelong bonds, whereas in SeaWorld the killer whales are constantly being moved around in the marine park which creates and breaks bonds. 

It also causes aggression as moving around with different whales often can leave them injured and violent. Compared to the wild they usually put in the effort to catch fresh fish at whatever time they are hungry but now they have a specific diet which is dead fish and not only is it unnatural but also unhealthy. 

 Killer Whales are facing cruel living conditions every single second. As there is nowhere deep to dive the animal can’t escape the hot sun rays so the workers of SeaWorld cover the sunburnt skin with Black zinc oxide so the public won’t notice.

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