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6 dead, at least 28 injured at Perm State University shooting

By: Yasmeen Duwaji, News editor, Paw print

There were six fatalities and 28 injuries in the shooting at a Russian university on Monday, according to officials. The shooter was shot by police and taken into custody. Beyond saying that he was a student, authorities offered no further information on his identity or possible motive. 

As a result of the attack, several Perm State University students and faculty members were forced to take cover in their classrooms or offices.

A black-clad, helmeted person was seen walking along a campus walkway, holding a long-barreled weapon in some footage. The gunman used a smoothbore hunting firearm, according to Russia’s Investigative Committee, the country’s highest authority for criminal investigations. It’s possible he shot himself with a shotgun.

Six individuals were killed, according to the Investigative Committee, down from eight before. There was no reason offered for the modification.

According to the Interior Ministry, a traffic police unit was the first to arrive on the site, and the suspect opened fire on them. He was injured by police fire and subsequently disarmed, according to the government. According to the report, the gunman was also carrying a knife.

​​Regardless of gun laws, mass shootings occur. With a registered firearm, a shooter opened fire at a school in Kazan in May, killing seven kids and two instructors. In 2018, a student at a college in Russia-annexed Crimea murdered 20 classmates and himself.

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