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With No Tourist Handouts, Hungry Monkeys Raid Homes in Bali

Alessandro Pellegrino, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Some hungry monkeys in Bali have started to break into villagers’ homes in search of food.

Since July, because of covid-19, Indonesia has closed the island to foreigners. Tourists no longer come into the island, so they can’t bring goodies, like bananas and peanuts, that the monkeys love.

About 600 of the grey macaque monkeys live in the forest refuge. It is called Sangeh Monkey Forest.

The macaque is an omnivore. It can eat a variety of animals and plants found in the jungle. However, those in the Sangeh Monkey Forest have had plenty of contact with humans over the years. They seem to prefer other things.

The macaques have been leaving their wildlife refuge. They are on the hunt for their favorite treats. They hang out on village roofs and wait for the right time to jump down and grab a snack.

A few days ago villager Saskara Gustu Alit attended a ceremony at a temple near the forest. He parked his car. Then, he took out two plastic bags containing food and flowers as offerings. Two monkeys grabbed it all. They then disappeared into the forest.

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