DAA Daily

Once a Lawyer now an IB teacher

By: Zina Abdulrahman, Arts and Entertainment editor and Sarin Istanboulli, Feature editor, The Pawprint

At Dubai American Academy, each year we get approx 20 new teachers in the high school. Mrs. Kim Forbes is the new addition to the social studies department. She teaches the IB Business and Management as well as Introduction to Entrepreneurship courses. 2 highschool students, Sarin Istanboulli and Zina Abdulrahman interviewed Ms Forbes to grasp who she is as a person and her experience at DAA so far. 

Mrs. Forbes is a former lawyer in South Africa, she found a passion for education when she gained the opportunity to teach business in Saudi Arabia. At first, her plan was to teach for 2 years until she got the teaching bug and realised that this is what she wanted to do. “My favourite aspect of teaching is learning from the students, I feel like I am an authentic teacher and we learn together”. Mrs. Forbes is the type of teacher that is always interested in learning through the process. 

“My first impression of DAA was WOW WOW WOW” from the grand piano to the robot ‘pepper’ Ms Forbes was astonished. She is amazed by the students at DAA because of their intelligence and their willingness to learn something new. My students are incredible, and you guys push us to be better teachers, she added”. 

Mrs Forbes’s most embarrassing moment was when she mistook a student during a parent-teacher conference and got him in trouble, by complaining to his father that he often fell asleep in her class.The father got angry with his son and phoned him, but thankfully she acknowledged her mistake by naming the wrong student and notified the parent of the misunderstanding. They all laughed about it at the end. 

The most daring thing Mrs Forbes did was quitting a corporate job to become an IB teacher and adapting to a new environment for the first time without knowing what a lesson plan looked like. 

We wanted to know what her favorite childhood memory was. She described it as Christmas day where kids were running around playing tag, jumping in the pool, playing cricket in the garden, table full of elderly, and a massive celebration. We as well can relate to Mrs Frobes favourite childhood memory since we also celebrate and love Christmas and the holiday season. 

To wrap up the interview, we found out Mrs Forbes HAD to drop math before going to highschool, so when she sees her students struggling, she always tells them “If I can learn it and do it, I promise you can do it too”. 

In conclusion, we enjoyed talking to Mrs Forbes and getting more insight about her and her experiences. We are excited to see her around school and teaching classes. We truly believe she will fit in with the DAA community and inspire others with her crazy life experiences. 

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