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64-Year Old Australian Prisoner Turns Himself in

By Tina Fares, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Darko Desci who escaped prison 30 years ago and was also on “Australia’s Most Wanted,” finally decided it was time to go back to prison for a better life since he was left homeless and jobless after lockdown. 

According to a report, during the time of his escape, Desci had been serving 13 months of a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence for growing drugs. He escaped by breaking out of his cell window using a hacksaw blade, bolt cutters and a  perimeter fence. CBS reported that police said he broke out of the 100-year-old prison in Grafton on July 31, 1992. 

CBS news reported that Desci was apparently charged with a possible 17-year prison sentence. According to a source who reported this to a newspaper, Desci slept on the beach on Saturday night and said, “Stuff it, I’ll go back to prison where there’s a roof over my head,”

Desci was born in the old Yugoslavia. He stated to the police that he was scared he would be sent back there and punished after his sentence was served since he did not serve in the country’s military. However officials stopped searching for him in 2008. He was also granted residency in Australia.

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