DAA Daily

Wealthiest man in Lebanon becomes prime minister.

By: Yara AbouNasr, Staff reporter, The Pawprint

On the 10th of September 2021 Najib Mikati became Prime minister of Lebanon on the. This marks the third time he becomes the prime minister. This ended several months of a lack of proper government in Lebanon. Lebanon had been without a prime minister since just after the devastating blast on August 4th 2020.

Lebanon is in a crisis and has been even before the blast of August 4th 2020. The blast triggered people to be angry with the government in Lebanon, causing a shift in the leadership positions in Lebanon, mostly people leaving the government as people had protested. Mikati says “I have three children…outside Lebanon. So I feel with people. I feel the kind of poverty, the kind of hunger they are in, the fear they have of the future. So this is not a matter of money or not having money” trying to relate and comfort the people of Lebanon, saying he understands the poverty despite his current situation of being the wealthiest person in Lebanon.

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