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Several exclusives unveiled in Playstation Showcase 2021

Ahmad Alsayouf, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint DAA

On the 9th of September 2021, Playstation showcased many old or already-existing games that reported to be remastered, including: Knights of the Old Republic, and the classic Star Wars Jedi game, following remasters for Grand Theft Auto 5, the Uncharted series, and Alan Wake which are things that fans are looking forward to.

Players can be looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy, Deathloop, and Vampire Blood Hunt which are releasing later this year. Big teasers were shown during the showcase including the much anticipated God of War: Ragnarok, Project Eve, and Wolverine. Fans have been waiting for the wildly popular original Spider man game to receive a sequel, thankfully, it has been announced as Spiderman 2, unfortunately, fans have to wait until 2023 for the release date.

Before the showcase in 2021, fans have been struggling to purchase the newly released Playstation 5 for almost a year now. For fans who already own the PS5, they’ve been skeptical about the lack of next-generation games that are available in the roster.

The gaming industry is working hard to better satisfy fans’ that purchase their games.

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