DAA Daily

One death and dozens of injuries in Dubai over 18 months due to safety lapses, say police

By: Zina Abdulrahman, Staff reporter, The Pawprint

One worker died and 117 people were injured over an 18-month period, after numerous companies in Dubai failed to adhere to health and safety requirements. Dubai police’s forensic has been investigating the causes of industrial accidents, dealing with over 150 cases: “Police received a report about a worker who died of electrocution as he tried drinking water directly from the tap of a poorly-installed water cooler” said by Abduallah Rashid Al Ali, the Captain Engineer of Dubai police. 

Most of the incidents happen in construction sites involving malfunctioning equipment and machinery, resulting in minor to severe injuries. 

There has also been an accident at one of Dubai’s parks, which left one child completely paralysed and another mildly injured.​​“The incident involved a billboard that fell on two children who were seated nearby, because it had not been properly bolted to the ground, and that’s why it was easily toppled by the strong wind,” he said.

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