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Sydney, AUS reveals plan to end months-long quarantine

By: Ryan oswald, Staff reporter, The Pawprint

Sydney, Australia has been in lockdown due to the pandemic and the variant virus for months, however things are starting to look up. With the hope of having 70% or more of adults fully vaccinated, it would open up a lot of opportunities.

New South Wales have ramped up the vaccination rollout  significantly with around 43% already fully vaccinated in the capital Sydney. Premier Gladys Berejiklian has not confirmed an official date for the end of the quarantine and has warned citizens that they will most likely have to live with the virus for many years to come.

Fully vaccinated individuals would be able to gather indoors or outdoors with other fully vaccinated people. They would also be able to travel and carpool and go to restaurants, salons, cinemas, provided they were socially distanced.  

At the moment, 64% of the population nationally, almost 8 million people, have at least one dose of the vaccine.But approximately half of Australia’s 25 million people are under lockdown. COVID free states such as Queensland and Western Australia have adjusted to “living with the virus” and have come to a consensus that vaccine thresholds should be higher.

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