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China Give US$ 31 Million in Emergency Aid to Afghanistan

By: Ramzy Hariz, Staff reporter, The Pawprint

Earlier today Hua Chunyin a spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry announced that they would create an alliance with the Taliban and make these donations for emergencies. Along with first aid kits and food they will also donate over three million Chinese made vaccines. 

All this is happening after Americans withdrawal from Afghanistan last month. China made a decision a long time ago that they would be making these types of donations to countries with low income that can’t afford basic humanitarian needs. 

China also announced that the U.S are the main ones that should be helping out with the people in Afghanistan so after their withdrawal from the country China had to step in and support them. China had arranged a meeting with leaders of the Taliban to come up with a deal. Part of the deal that China made with the Taliban is that Taliban would not allow their territory to be used by other countries to invade China as China and Afghanistan share a small border which is around 50 miles.

After the meeting the Taliban referred to China as their friend showing peace and a new alliance. This is an unusual combination as the Taliban are an extreme Islam group and China have been through some controversy because of the fact that they had treated their own Islam community very poorly and killed off a large majority of them.

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