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5-0 demolition of Lithuania by Italians in World Cup Qualifier!

By: Nicolo Danieli, Staff reporter, The Pawprint

The world cup has started. Our favorite football tournament has restarted after 4 years. This year the world cup will have great teams, involved, with huge rivalries. This includes Italy and England, which if they encounter, they’re both going to make a great fight, due to the fact that they were the finalist of the Euro. But the best game except if they encounter each other this year is Italy and Argentina. Due to the fact that Italy has won the Euro, and Argentina won Copa America, they are the two teams that are expected to put on a show for the audience. 

Last night, Italy played in a match against Lithuania, demolishing them 5-0. In less than 30 minutes Italy was able to score 4 goals, and scored their 5th in the 59th minute of the game. After drawing with Bulgaria, fans believed Italy wasn’t able to do anything good in the world cup. This enraged fans, because after winning the Euro they expected their team to qualify easily for the World Cup, but after the game against Bulgaria, many had doubts. So the demolition restored their faith.

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