DAA Daily

The UAE Announces New Types of Visas

By Yasmine Jarmakani, Staff Editor, The Pawprint

The United Arab Emirates will be unveiling 50 new projects this coming week. Among these projects, three new types of working visas have been revealed. The Green Visa, the Freelance Visa, and the Tourist Visa. This is to make life and travel in the UAE more flexible.

The Green Visa can be applied for by investors, business people and high-achieving students. Moreover, those who are qualified for these visas can even sponsor children up to 25 years old. Green Visas are not linked to employment so it will not be revoked if someone were to lose their job. 

The Freelance Visa can be applied for by anyone who wishes to work independently. Pretty straightforward. 

The Tourist Visa is for fully vaccinated travelers. They are only valid for 30-90 days. However, this visa doesn’t exempt travelers from mandatory PCR tests or quarantine. On a side note, all rules for unvaccinated travelers remain in place. 

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