DAA Daily

Life in a Taliban Controlled Kabul

By Jordan Rabah, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

People have come forward and have told numerous news networks what life is like in Kabul while the Taliban have taken control over it, saying they have “lost their basic freedoms” and that they are “struggling to survive”.

A man by the name of Majib has come forward and shown what his life is like since the Taliban has taken control. Prior to the regime change, he worked in a restaurant, since then, he is struggling to find food. He now has to live on the floor in an abandoned building to which he showed the crew that he only has a few blankets as his only remaining possessions.

His father was killed 10 years ago by the Taliban, and now he’s scared the same is going to happen to him since the Taliban is “beating people up every day outside”.

He wants to leave the country, but cannot since he doesn’t know if he will be able to make it without being killed. “The Taliban is here and doesn’t want people to leave”

Video footage from Mazar-i-sharif, the provincial capital of the Balkh province in Afghanistan has surfaced, showing dozens of Afghans, crying, trying to leave their home with all of their possessions in plastic bags, in the hope of trying to escape.

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