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Katie Taylor Defends Lightweight Belt Against Jennifer Han

By: Ramzy Hariz, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Last night (Sept 4) Katie Taylor defended her lightweight championship against her American opponent ex-featherweight champion Jennifer Han. It was her 19th successful defence of her championship.Han had moved up two weight classes to get a chance against the Irish lightweight champion for her Lightweight belt. 

Throughout the match it was clear to the judges that Katie was the superior fighter with the final score being 100 to Katie and 89 to Han however, Han was able to put on a show and last for more than 8 in front of more than 20,000 in Headingley Stadium in the UK. 

Throughout the first fight Katie took incharge and made the fight go at her own pace. She started slow with a few jabs and all through the fight both fighters landed multiple clean hits to the opponent. The audience had picked fights from the start and it was clear that most of them were there for Kaite Taylor and this added a more mental challenge for Jennifer Han and she was still able to keep up. 

As this was Hans first fight from a long break she had to reportedly lose 75lbs.

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