DAA Daily

YouTube Opening Physical Theatres

By Tina Fares

YouTube is looking to upgrade and expand by opening its own YouTube Theatre which is a 6,000 seat venue that’s located in Inglewood, California. There they plan to host live events. This would include concerts, award shows, theater performances, sports competitions, and more.

The Hollywood Black Comedy Festival is the first event set to start on Friday, 3rd of September. This will be followed by many more shows. This has already attracted so many people causing the venue to start booking it’s 2022 season, with an already sold out event with Louis Tomlinson, former member of One Direction.

The idea behind this theater was to remake and upgrade YouTube from a digital streaming app, to a physical program. The theater will also. be able to livestream events on YouTube. This could help artists stream concert and events to millions of people all around the world, while having an event.

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