DAA Daily

Supreme Court Refuses to Block New Texas Abortion Law

By Ana Chauhan

A new law has come into effect in Texas on Wednesday. The Heartbeat Act bans termination of pregnancy after a foetal heartbeat is detected. This means that at latest, abortions can be performed when an individual is 6 weeks pregnant, a time when most are still unaware of their pregnancy.

Human Rights groups have asked for an injunction to prevent the enforcement of this law. However, Justices have ruled 5-4 against the injunction.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden condemned the law, saying it would “significantly impair” women’s access to healthcare. He then called it “extreme” and his administration would do what they can to “protect and defend” the constitutional rights established under Roe v Wade.

Many other democrats have spoken out against this law, one saying it had “delivered catastrophe to women in Texas”. Rights groups such as Planned Parenthood have stated that they will not give up fighting the Supreme Court’s decision.

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