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Britney Spears speaks out after 13 years

Ebba Lindh, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Britney spoke out for the first time in her case, and accused her father of controlling her “ 100,000%”. She said that they prevented her right to have more children and she was put on psychiatric drugs, against her own wishes.

Jamie Spears is her father who has been in control since the court order in 2008. Her dad was given the right to have full control over her as she started to face mental health problems in public, as she later on was hospitalized. He would take control over her estate and other aspects of her life. 

The order of Jamie taking care of Britney was after she was put in a hospital for her mental health. 

On Wednesday Britney spoke with a judge through the phone in Los Angeles, she said that she was traumatised and that she has been crying everyday since. Most importantly, she said that “she wanted her old life back and to go back to how things were before all of this happened”.

There has been speculation for years about how she has expressed herself on her social media, giving clues that she isn’t safe, and needs help. 

Britney is currently a mother of two, but she mentioned that she wants to have a normal life, and deserve the things she has worked so hard for all her life. She wants to marry her boyfriend and have another child, but the conservatorship wouldn’t allow her. 

She said that she was put on the drug lithium, which is a medicine that is used for bipolar disorder, and she said that it made her feel drunk and unable to speak properly.

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