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The Great Barrier Reef should be listed In Danger

By: Youssef Eid, Website Editor, The Pawprint

‘’The UN’s cultural body says the world’s biggest coral reef system should be downgraded to the list at a meeting next month.’’ And it has been pushing Australia to take immediate action. 

But despite all of this the Australian government opposes the recommendations by the UN and other groups.

Environment Minister Sussan Ley said the government had been “stunned” by the latest announcement from UNESCO , calling it a “backflip on previous assurances from UN officials” that the step would not be taken, so the Australian government doesn’t want to take action.

 The reef has been severely damaged by the burning of fossil fuels and global warming but scientists say that the main reason is the burning of fossil fuels.

Unesco reported that despite all efforts by the Australian government the key targets on raising the water quality have not been met.

‘’If the recommendation is followed, it would be the first time a natural World Heritage Site has been placed on the “in danger” list mostly because of impacts from climate change.’’ Said the BBC.

If the site gets listed as endangered it can help by accessing funds or publicity. But despite this the great barrier reef is a huge tourist attraction and creates thousands of jobs and is a huge source of income so a lot of money and jobs would be lost.

‘’China currently chairs Unesco, and there is some speculation that long-running tensions between Beijing and Canberra may have influenced the decision.’’Said the BBC.

And the Australian people think that China is trying to threaten Australia’s economy because the two countries have been at odds.

“The recommendation from Unesco is clear and unequivocal that the Australian government is not doing enough to protect our greatest natural asset, especially on climate change,” said Richard Leck, Head of Oceans for the World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia.

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