DAA Daily

Palm Jumeirah turns 20!

By: Jenna Zuraiki, Features editor, The Pawprint 

Palm Jumeirah is a man made palm tree shaped island. The Island itself has luxury hotels, beaches and its home to nearly 80,000 people. Ali Mansour, director of projects for Nakheel Marine Engineering, looks down on the islands he helped create over two decades ago from a viewpoint more than 50 stories high, saying, “It was a great challenge,” he says. “It was a once in a lifetime experience”. 

Nakheel, a real estate corporation currently controlled by the Dubai government, was the developer of Palm Jumeirah. Development of the island started in 2001. By 2004, land and basic infrastructure had been established. The buildings were completed in 2006, and the first residents moved in in 2007.

Something very similar to the Palm is the World Islands, they began constructing 300 islands in 2003 however due to a financial crisis in 2008 the development of the island had to come to an end. Although 60% of the Island was sold to private contractors in 2008, the majority of the islands development has stopped.

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