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Youtube vs Tiktok Boxing event Results: AnEsonGib gets “ROBBED”

Benjamin Turner, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Historical rivalries such as the battle of the Heroes with Batman vs Superman, battle of the Giants with King Kong vs Godzilla, and now the battle of the platforms, Youtube vs Tiktok! The Youtube vs Tiktok boxing event was pretty entertaining, and thus here are the results.

Austin Broom defeats Bryce Hall

Austin McBroom decimates Bryce Hall, throwing strong punches in the first two rounds and finishing it off in the third round. The ref would stop the fight, as Hall was definitely going to be in trouble. McBroom landed 29 punches, while Hall only was able to land 10.

AnEsonGib vs. Tayler Holder Draw

The most controversial finish, the fight between Gib (AnEsonGib) and Tayler Holder results in a draw. The results caused outrage with viewers, with ‘#ROBBED’ trending on twitter. 

Majority though Gib won the fight, never stopping and constantly swinging throughout all the five rounds. While Holder did stand his ground, he wasn’t aggressive enough to be able to win. The three judges scored the fight 49-46, 49-46 and 50-46.

Vinnie Hacker defeats Deji

Deji was defeated by Vinnie in the third round, seemingly going down at the start of the third round. Hacker dominated throughout the whole fight, with the ref ultimately calling the fight. While Deji landed two more punches than Vinnie (22), it was clear that Vinnie was the winner.

DDG defeats Nate Wyatt

Nate Wyatt put on a good show against Youtuber/Rapper DDG, however it was not enough to be able to take the win. DDG landed 40 of his punches, compared to Wyatt’s 8 punches. Wyatt took some brutal punches to the head, bruising early on into the match. In his post fight interview, DDG put some salt in the wound, saying “I left the —- club last night, I wasn’t even training for this fight.”

FaZe Jarvis defeats Micheal Le

FaZe Jarvis lands the first knockout punch of the night to Michael Le, with a vicious blow in the early second round. Jarvis looked amazing in the ring, landing 24 punches to Le’s 5 punches.

Landon McBroom defeats Ben Azelart

Nothing much to say here, Landon McBroom dominated Ben Azelart. The referee stopped the fight 30 seconds into round two, crediting it to a knockout. McBroom landed 28 punches compared to Azelart 3.

Ryan Johnston defeats Cale Saurage 

Ryan Johnson had a main event massacre, man-handling Cale Saurage in a knockout victory during the fifth round of the fight. The end-of-the-fight-stats showed Johnston threw 45 total punches compared to Saurage’s 15

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