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Over 3000 pages of Dr Anthony Fauci’s personal emails have been revealed

Dalila Hashish, News Editor, The Pawprint

Dr Anthony Fauci, the 80 year old doctor who has become known as the face of the US’s Covid response, has been put into the spotlight when over 3,000 pages of his personal emails, spanning from January to June of 2020, were released.

The emails span a variety of subjects, including the Wuhan lab theory, which was the suspicion that the virus had been leaked from a lab in Wuhan and masks, saying how he believes that they are only for preventing infected people from spreading the virus rather than protect people from catching it.

However, many people are unimpressed with the doctor, and are calling for him to be fired because of his response to the virus, which they believe was not what it should have been. US Senator Rand Paul has said that the emails have made it “abundantly clear” that the doctor is a “massive fraud”.

However, his emails have been compared to the famous inkblot test, with people saying that they reveal more about the person reading them rather than Fauci himself. 

For example, Trump supporters and conservatives who refuse to wear masks and social distance may feel more enraged by his emails, while liberals may be extremely happy that his emails are in line with their beliefs.

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