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Los Angeles Lakers defeat Golden State Warriors in First-ever NBA Play in Tournament (103-100)

Joaquin Heredia, Sports, The Pawprint

The Los Angeles Lakers played the Golden State Warriors in this year’s NBA Playoffs. Golden State led the game up until the final minute when four-time Champion, Lebron James, hit a 3 pointer from 30 feet away and gave the Lakers the lead needed to win. 

Injury played a big role in why the defending champion Lakers and Golden State Warriors struggled to get into the playoffs this year. For the Lakers, two of their top stars in Anthony Davis and Lebron James missed nearly half the season with ankle and Achilles injuries. For Golden State, their number two scorer, Klay Thompson, injured his ACL before the season started, and was ruled out indefinitely. 

Regardless of injuries, the game was a classic Lebron James vs. Stephen Curry matchup. The two NBA Champions have played each other a total of 39 times, 22 of those times in the playoffs. Curry and his Golden State Warriors have met Lebron and his Cleveland Cavaliers 4 consecutive times in the NBA Finals, and the two teams have produced some of the most memorable Finals in NBA history. Tonight, Steph put up 37 points in his defeat, while Lebron had 22. 

The Lakers will advance to the playoffs, while the Warriors need to win one more match to stay in it.

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