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The UK faces the deadliest COVID wave yet as Indian variant spreads

Asfi Khan , The Pawprint

The United Kingdom has had a steady recovery from Covid-19 in recent weeks. During mid-April, daily death rates were as low as a single person in all 4 nations of the UK. However, with the rise of the new indian variant, it has once again raised eyebrows in PHE (Public Health England) as the relaxation of the UK government sours.

B.1.617.2, commonly referred to as the indian variant, is a mutated version of coronavirus that was first identified in the Indian state of Maharashtra in October 2020. Since then, it has spread all over India, and has been identified in 21 other countries. Public Health England has labelled it as a “variant of concern.” 

Scientists still do not know how transmissible or deadly this new variant is. Also doctors are unsure of the damage it does to the body or its long term effects. What they do  know is that its death rate is 3%, slightly  higher than other variants,and it spreads more easily

With football stadiums welcoming back fans in the UK and other public venues looking to re-open, it would not be out of the question if the UK government were to introduce another lockdown if the situation gets worse. 

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