DAA Daily

Israel Palestine conflict leaves 246 dead.

By: Talia Conway, A&E Editor, The Pawprint 

The all too well-known conflict of land between Israel and Palestine leaves 246 residents on both sides dead. 70 were left dead in Israel and 184 in Palestine. Both governments have stated that they won’t back down, giving citizens the view that the hostility will not stop for a long time.

The conflict between the two has been around for years, but a spark recently ignited when Israel decided to raise taxes in Palestinian territories. This caused outrage amongst citizens, which led to not-so-friendly protests against the government. The protests were being handled by the Israeli Military force, who have been known to be too rough when it comes to controlling citizens. 

The roughness in the military and the protests against the government lead to further damages for both sides. Families have been ruined, people hiding in bomb shelters, Mosques ruined, Trees set on fire, rockets being launched, and citizens living in fear for their lives.

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