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Manchester United vs Liverpool game postponed after the protest

Ebba Lindh, Staff reporter, The pawprint

Manchester United’s Premier League game was posted after 200 United fans broke into Old Trafford to protest against the ownership of the club, Glazer’s family. 

The game was scheduled to kickoff at 4.30pm BST on Sunday. The police reported that two of the officers were injured. This is the first game that has been postponed because of a fan protest in the Premier League. The fans had gold and green flares with them which symbolized the first jersey when the team was first created in 1878. 

Supporters are currently not allowed into the stadium because of the coronavirus pandemic, but some  of the United fans got onto the Old Trafford pitch to protest. People were removed and escorted out by police and security, but some will make it back to the pitch to continue. 

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team are currently second in the Premier League and a win against Liverpool on Sunday would have given Manchester City the winning title for the third time in four seasons.

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