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Huge protests expected outside Emirates Stadium amid Superleague disaster

By: Asfi Khan, Staff reporter, The Pawprint

Football has had one of the most eventful weeks in sports history. The announcement of the plans for the European Superleague caused an incredible amount of backlash. Football was looking like it was going to change forever. 

Twelve of the biggest clubs in the world, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Tottenham Hotspur and their respective owners have been trying to master this plan of turning European Football into an American franchise league. Football fans, pundits and players expressed their disgust and hatred for the new ESL. And eventually got what they wanted. On the night of April 20th, all six of the ‘Big 6’ English clubs withdrew from their agreement with the ESL. 

Despite the change of heart, Premier League clubs fans are not happy with the club owners, with #FSGOut, #KroenkeOut and #GlazersOut all trending on Twitter. The outrage of the top 3 English clubs owners has just started. In the summer, Arsenal laid off 55 members of staff due to financial difficulties courtesy of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

After recent events of seeking the glamours of the Superleague, Arsenal fans have been left outraged with their American owner, Stan Kroenke. A club known for its class from the times of Arsene Wenger, Arsenal fans felt they have even lost that. Arsenal find themselves in 10th with 6 games remaining in the Premier League season, a complete horror show of a season. 

Arsenal fans have called for a Kroenke Out protest outside the Emirates Stadium just before they host Everton on Friday. A huge turnout is expected, after over a decade of the club being overlooked and mismanaged, the fans have had enough. Arsenal ambassador and club legend, Ian Wright has tweeted “#KroenkeOut” showcasing his support in getting the owner out of the club. 

Arsenal are a club who have seen one of their worst declines in the club’s great history under the ownership of Kroenke Sports and Entertainment. With promises and targets far below expectations, Arsenal have been a sinking ship under Silent Stan and the fans frustrations are clearly understandable. Arsenal will still be looking towards their Road to the Final of the Europa League, reaching the semi finals in convincing fashion, they now play 2 fixtures against their last manager, Unai Emery.

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