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Sharjah Gang Steals 415,000 DHS In Jewelry And Cash

Najla Banimalek, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Sharjah Police have arrested a nine member asian gang, including a woman, for robbing people’s houses.

After an Emirati woman reported that her house had been broken into while she was out, the police began to look at the methods used to break in. They would proceed to analyze and compare this data to previous break in cases.

The gang broke the clasps of the Emirati woman’s window, and entered the house that way. They then proceeded to steal several pieces of gold jewelry, along with other small objects from her home.

Colonel Omar Abu Al Zoud, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department at Sharjah Police, has been working with other investigators to build a profile on who the perpetrator might be, based on his previous criminal record and the techniques used to break in.

After finding out who one of the culprits was, the police were smoothly able to arrest the man inside his home, and began a search of his residence. Inside they found several amounts of cash and various piles of gold jewelry. After interrogation the man confessed to his crimes and agreed to give up the names of the other 8 culprits.

The other 8 members of the gang were then arrested, and they quickly confessed to their crimes.

It was discovered that after stealing these pieces of jewelry from peoples homes, they would send the gold abroad to earn money.

Colonel Omar Abu Al Zoud urged the residents of Sharjah to take extra precautionary measures to secure their homes from robbers. This included installing door and window security systems and surveillance cameras, in order to make it easier to prevent and or detect theft within their residence.

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