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More Rioting in Minnesota

By: Sami Al Saleh, Opinion Editor, The Pawprint

A 20 year old man was accidentally shot by police during a traffic stop in Minneapolis. Court records show the man Daunte Wright had a warrant for his arrest after he carried a pistol without a permit and ran away from police last june, he also failed to show up to court. 

The woman who shot Daunte Wright is heard in the video pointing her gun and telling Daunte that she is going to tase him which is why many point to this shooting including the police chief as an accidental shooting with no racist or ill intent.

Due to this accidental shooting, riots have taken place and people began to burn down and steal from innocent businesses. It is estimated that 20 innocent businesses have been broken into and stolen from and it is still unclear as to why the rioters decided to steal from businesses when they are upset at an accidental shooting. 

Police have deployed in riot gear and began setting curfews and using teargas to disperse the rioters. There are expected riots in many major cities across the United States over the accidental shooting.

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