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Are we going to be able to book our summer holidays this year?


Karam Yaghi, Staff reporter, The Pawprint

With the general population getting used to the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the vaccines rolling out to hospitals all around the globe, more people are willing to travel around the world for entertainment, or wanting to see friends and family abroad in different countries. 

Most commonly, people have been asking if they are going to be able to travel while still following the COVID-19 guidelines, and staying safe from the virus. Governments around the world are willing to create a balance between COVID-19 guidelines and traveling around the world, as many of the tourist countries rely on tourists to come to their countries, and be able to support their economy that mostly runs on tourism.

Tourism ministries have been looking for ways to allow people to be able to travel abroad and be able to go to different countries while still following COVID-19 guidelines, and keeping the general public safe from the virus. 

They are about to release a new system called a vaccine passport. A vaccine passport is a type of documentation that proves that the holder of this documentation has received their vaccinations against COVID-19. Other versions will also show that the holder has been tested negative for the virus, allowing it to be easier for the holder of the document to be able to travel. It will be a digital passport where you can pull it up from your mobile phone using an app or an e-wallet. 

A different story can be told for the UK at least, as they are trying to prevent people from traveling to stop them from spreading the virus as badly as it already is right now. According to the defense secretary Ben Wallace: “We can’t be deaf and blind to what’s going on outside the United Kingdom. If we were to be reckless in any way and import new variants that put up risk, what would people say about that?”

Recently, Australia’s ban on international flights to New Zealand has been lifted, which paves ways for relatives to be able to visit their family members in New Zealand, and be able to increase tourism in New Zealand. This will also allow people coming from Australia to not need an exemption and without a two-week quarantine period upon arrival to New Zealand. COVID-19 restrictions are still very strict, but over time, they plan to ease these restrictions. Even though Australia and New Zealand have little to no COVID-19 cases, outbreaks can still happen and strict restrictions can happen within short notice.

Traveling seems to be a bit shaky so far, but we all are hoping that the pandemic calms down and we are able to travel safely without any worry for the virus.

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