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Lebron James Suffers Ankle Sprain, Out Indefinitely for the LA Lakers

By: Joaquin Heredia, Sports, The Pawprint

4 time NBA Champion, Lebron James (38), excited Saturday night’s game against the hawks prematurely limping in pain, as sprained his ankle only halfway through the second half. Details have not been specified, however spains such as these typically take multiple weeks in order to heal. 

The ankle sprain was a result of an Atlanta Hawks player falling on top of James’s leg in a dive for the ball. However, the absence of Anthony Davis has caused James to play more minutes, and so he was obviously more susceptible to injury.

The injury leaves LA deprived of a clear leader, as their other star, Antony Davis, has been out with an achilles injury for over a month now. The team will have to scramble until their two stars return, but will most likely qualify for the playoffs nonetheless.

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