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Super Bowl Champion QB, Drew Brees, Retires from Professional Football After 20 Years

By: Joaquin Heredia, Sports, The Pawprint

One of the greatest Quarterbacks to ever throw a football stepped away from the game yesterday after 20 years, including 9 playoff appearances and a Super Bowl along with Super Bowl MVP. Drew Breeze holds the record for all time passing yards, and is second in touchdown pasess and pass compleation. 

Along with the fact that he’s just passed 40 years old, Breeze left the NFL to spend more time with his family and 4 kids. Also, he’s suffered a total four major injuries including, a torn rotator cuff, torn foot, 11 broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. It is not likely that his body could withstand much more trauma.

In his farewell, Drew Breeze left a heartfelt message for the city of New Orleans. Breeze has a very deep connection with the city, as he spent 15 years on the New Orlean Saints, and has contributed a great amount of charitable work in the city.

His departure leaves a void in the Saints offense. The team holds the 23rd pick in this year’s NFL Draft, and may opt to draft a replacement QB. Whatever may be the case, the team is very powerful offensively and defensively, but desperately need a QB to lead them.

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