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Obsessive Man Murders His Ex-Girlfriend

By: Jenna Zuraiki, Features editor, The Pawprint 

An Arab man has stood trial in Dubai for stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death in the building where she lives. 

According to public trial records, the murder occurred in July a year ago. Holding a knife, the man went to the victim house and he asked her to talk to him. Once she refused to speak to him, he cut her in the neck twice and killed her.

The defendant and victim had begun dating in 2017 however their relationship started becoming complicated in 2019, when the victim had downloaded a dating app. The breakup influenced the man so seriously that he lost his employment in December that year. then visited her in Dubai and they eventually started dating again.  

“In March 2020, the accused discovered that she was using the dating app once more, leading to a severe heated argument between the couple. After a month, the victim sent him a message, saying she would not like to talk or see him anymore,” according to the records.

The defendant had attempted to win her back since then, but he didn’t manage to get her back. In June a year ago, the woman asked if she could borrow Dh50,000. The accused said he loaned her Dh30,000, however he was unemployed. He asked her if she had a relationship with another person, and when she said she did, he got “very furious”. 

“He called her and insulted her, and she stopped talking with him until June 20, 2020, when she returned the cash that he loaned her,” records show. 

At the point when she returned the money, the defendant wanted to talk to her once more, yet she refused. The Arab man chose to look through her neighborhood until he found her vehicle left parked in one area. 

At a certain point, he attacked her, tied her up, and asked her if she was seeing someone else. She said yes. After the incident, the woman was able to file a police report, and the defendant was asked to sign a document, swearing he would stay away from her. 

Upon the day of the crime, the suspect went to her home and found that she changed the lock. He chose to hide and stand by at the emergency exit, until she got back from work. 

Once the victim got home from work, he grabbed her hand. The victim resisted and began to scream for help. The suspect then pulled out a knife and pushed her through the emergency exit. “I simply needed to talk with her,” he said. 

One of the residents in the building saw the fight, attempted to open the emergency door, however the defendant pushed it back. The victim attempted to stop him and cut his finger. When he started to bleed and saw the blood, he then stabbed her in the neck.

“The witness went to the ground floor and reported the fight to security. When police arrived at the scene on the seventh floor, the victim’s body was on the ground,” court records show. 

The defendant admitted to the crime.

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